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17.2.2024 -
New server coming soon!
Author: GM James


Tibianic is the first authentic 7.4 server with true PVP-ENFORCED.

Players can earn Experience Points from killing other players, or stay peaceful, the choice is yours!

The server is in Germany, but we also have a proxy for our US players that can be activated directly in the client by going to "Options/Network/USA Proxy".

Tibianic is a High Rate server with a focus on your fun.

Premium will be free for everyone!

Experience Rate starts at a whopping 210x and ends at 5x.

Attack Speed ​​is 2x for all vocations to create a better flow and Skill and Magic Rate is 20x.

With a 5x Loot Rate and 2x Gold Rate you'll never be poor, but rarities are still fairly hard to come by.

Players will gain 10 mana per tick instead of 1, increasing the speed of creating runes.

Players don't need to buy spells, they can be used directly when you have the right Magic Level.

Runes will also have 2x charges.

There is no Skulls and therefore you cannot tell if a player is peaceful or not, it's all about reputation.

This creates some tension and uncertainty between players.


There is also no limit to how many players you can kill, the choice is entirely yours!

Will you dominate the battlefield or top the highscores?


Planned launch date: 23 February 2024 at 18:00 CET


See you there!

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Server Launch:
23 Feb 2024

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