Golden Account

In Tibianic premium account is free, and players are welcome to play free of charge for as long as they like.
However, if you enjoy Tibianic, you may consider to take the game further by upgrading your account to a Golden Account at our shop.
This is a very good way to support the server while at the same time you get new Quality of Life features unlocked.

You can easily upgrade to a Golden Account here.

Golden AccountBenefits
OutfitsThe ability to use more outfits!
ConjuringAbility to make runes directly from the backpack.

MovebackSpears, Small Stones, Throwing Knives and Throwing Stars will not fall to the ground, but remain in the hand!

Change GoldBeing able to change gold by clicking on a full stack of coins or a high value coin.

Fast TravelPossibility to Fast Travel with boats by saying: Bring me to [town]

Max Depot Items2000 instead of 1000.

Buy HousesAbility to buy houses.

House BedsAbility to use house beds.

Golden LightAbility to use !light command for full light equal to 'utevo vis lux'.

VialsAbility to use !vial command for auto removing vials.

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