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Behemoth Quest

  • Aswell known as: Golden Armor/Demon Shield Quest
  • Reward: Life Ring , 4 Small Sapphires , 3 Small Diamonds , Platinum Amulet , Guardian Halberd , Demon Shield and
          Golden Armor
  • Location: Cyclopolis, North-East of Edron.
  • Level required: 60
  • Level recommended: 80 (3-5 Players)

  • Required Equipment
    • Destroy Field Runes
    • Enter Cyclopolis on Edron (here)
    • On the first level of Cyclopolis, follow this path and go down a level. On this path you will encounter Cyclopes, Dwarf Soldiers, Dwarf Guards, and maybe a lured Orc Leader, Orc Berserker, Minotaur Mage or Elf Arcanist: Note: You can use Invisibility for run on the first floors, because the Cyclops are not immune to the invisibility.
    • On this level you will only encounter Cyclopes, and some Dwarf Soldiers. Follow the path and go down another level:
    • Follow this path and go down another level, you'll encounter Cyclopes and a Fire Elemental:
    • You'll find Cyclopes, and some Fire Elementals. Follow this path through the Door of Expertise (level 30) and go down another level. There will be 3 Fire Elementals on the other side of the level door.
    • Follow this short path around, fighting 3 Dragons and 2 Fire Elementals which are easily lurable, and go down another level:
    • You will now be in a large, multi-level cavern (you can see a couple levels below you).
    • You'll have to move some stones in order to reach the quest room. Go to the southeastern corner of this multi-level cavern without going down to the Behemoth's floor, and go up a level. You'll have to fight a Dragon Lord. After a small hall there is a small circular room with Fire Field in the border. Use Destroy Field on the upper of the two furthest west fields and move the corpse to discover a lever. Push the lever and go back to the entrance of this multi-level cave.
    • Go straight down two levels or use levitate to go directly to the northern spawn (pictures showing the long way):
    • You will be now on a large open floor. Watch out for Cyclopes, Dwarf Soldiers, and many Behemoths. You will fight at least 2-4 Behemoths going through the northern stairs. Follow this path to the north end of the room, and go up the stairs:
    You will be on a small landing between flights of stairs. At the top of the steps is a room with 4 Behemoths, and two Dragons. There are different methods of clearing the quest room, but usually a Sorcerer should go up and down and use Ultimate Explosion. A Knight can do the same with Berserk, just keep in mind that 4 Behemoths and two Dragons can easily kill a level 80. If several level 80 go up at the same time it can work, but could also be a big risk, therefore many people hire higher levels for the quest. The quest boxes are at the north end of the room.

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