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Black Knight Quest

  • Aswell known as: Crown Armor/Crown Shield Quest
  • Reward: Crown Armor , Crown Shield
  • Location: Black Knight Villa, north of Venore.
  • Level required: 50
  • Level recommended: 50 (1-2 Players)

    • Before you can enter the Black Knight's Villa, you will need key 5010. This key is in a dead tree just west of the villa.
    • You can reach the Black Knight's Villa by traversing the swamp from Venore, or you can reach it by coming through the swamp from the west (from the dwarf bridge).
    • Return to the abandoned house and go down one level. To the left will be a single slime spawn behind a door. Head south from the stairs and use the key to unlock the door, head down the ladder.
    • Drop down another level.
    • From here go east then turn south and drop another level:
    • Here head south and rope up one level:
    • Go south and be prepared to face a few skeletons then drop down either hole:
    • In this level there are four Beholders. The first one is to the east and north. There is another just south of the first. The last two are pretty close together and it is not uncommon to have both attack you simultaneously. Head towards the northern one and drop one level:
    • Head north and kill the single skeleton. There are also two Beholders in this room, one on each side. Kill them and proceed north to the teleporter. The teleport leads to one floor above you:
    • This is the dangerous and famous Black Knight room. Two scorpions and two Beholders spawn close to the teleporter but may wander close to the spot you appear on after teleporting. You appear at the north end of the circular room and the Black Knight spawns near the south of the room so unless you run south standing still the paladins or mages could kill the lesser creatures without luring the Black Knight earlier than wanted. Kill the Black Knight then look around.
    • The room is circular with fire fields all around the edges with about six in the middle. To the north and south are dead trees in the corners of the room. The two southern trees yield the Crown Shield and Crown Armor while the two northern trees give nothing.
    • At the south of the room is a teleport that leads back to the single skeleton and double Beholder room just prior to the BK:

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