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Deeper Fibula Quest

  • Reward: Dwarven Ring , Elven Amulet , Knight Axe , Warrior Helmet , Tower Shield
  • Location: Fibula, far South-West of Thais.
  • Level required: 50
  • Level recommended: 60 (4-6 Players)

  • Required equipment
    • Key 3940 ( This key can be obtained by giving gold to Simon The Beggar. He will ask for 100 gp at first, then 500 gp, then finally gives the key for 200 gp. If you end the conversation he resets the dialog asking again for 100 gp, so it is necessary to give the gold all at once. The conversation should go like the following; gold, help, yes, yes, yes.)
    • Key 3980
    • Destroy Field runes
    • Head to Fibula and enter the dungeon through the well.
    • Follow the path shown on the map. If you are faced with a locked door, you need Key 3940 to open, it can be bought on the island.
    • Upon coming down, head east and through a teleporter.
    • You will now be facing two teleporters, go through the level 50 gate of expertise and the right one.
    • You will be teleported to a room with 2 Minotaur Guards and 4 Minotaur Archers.
    • Continue west through fire, and energy fields to get Key 3980, be prepared to face 3 Minotaur Mages.
    • Key 3980 is found by "using" on a hole to the west (marked on the map).
    • Go back and then south, kill some Minotaurs (normal and archers if you go east, or normal and mages if you go west), unlock the door with you newly found key, and in the next room, prepare to face much Minotaurs of all sorts.
    • Continue further and now prepare to face ~16 Dragons and 4 Dragon Lords (one at the entrance of the cave, three at the exit).
    • The quest rewards are found in scattered human and skeleton corpses at the end of the cave.
    1. Tower Shield is in the north-west corner of the cave, under a Fire Field, inside a skeleton.
    2. Warrior Helmet is south of the Tower Shield, in a skeleton that is hidden behind a rock.
    3. Dwarven Ring is north of the exit portal, inside a skeleton.
    4. Elven Amulet is directly east of the Dwarven Ring, in a fresh-looking dragon corpse.
    5. Knight Axe is south-east of the Elven Amulet, in a dead human body.
    • The portal in the south-west part of the last room leads back to the dungeoun entrance.

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