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Desert Dungeon Quest

  • Aswell known as: 10k Quest, Desert Quest or Vocation Quest
  • Reward: 100 Platinum Coins , Protection Amulet , Ring of Healing and a Magic Light Wand
  • Location: Below the Jakundaf Desert near Plains of Havoc.
  • Level required: 20
  • Level recommended: 20
  • Creatures to face: Slime , Rotworm , maybe Fire Devils or Orc Berserkers if somebody lured it or if you go wrong way.

  • Preparation
    To complete this quest you need to assemble a group of four players (including yourself). You and all your partners require level 20 or higher, they must be unique vocations: one druid, knight, paladin and sorcerer. You cannot complete this quest without sacrificing one of the following items, dependent upon your vocation:
    • The knight needs to bring a sword, which can be obtained by killing rotworms, skeletons or minotaurs or purchasing it from an NPC who deals with weapons.
    • The paladin will need a crossbow, you get these by killing Minotaur Archers, or by buying it from a shopkeeper NPC who fletches, or deals bows and ammunition.
    • The druid requires an apple. You can kill elves, use exevo pan or buy from an NPC who sells fruit.
    • The sorcerer needs a spellbook. You can kill Beholders for these, or buy them from NPCs who deal with magic reagents.
    It is important to note that these items will be destroyed after you enter the reward room. You should avoid using your main weapon (e.g a paladin's crossbow) in case you need it afterward. A member of the party will also need to carry a shovel to enter the dungeon. It is advisable to carry a rope in case someone gets lost.

    Starting the quest
    For an experienced Tibia player, locating three other party members is often the most difficult part of the quest.
    On Tibianic you may wish to privately ask others' to join. This will avoid Player Killers overhearing your yells and plot to kill you.
    Once you make sure all four players have the necessary sacrifice items, you should meet somewhere and travel to the Jakundaf Desert. Beware of scorpions and anything else that might be lured to this area.
    You will see a hole covered by a stone pile within what looks like a broken down building surrounded by energy, fire and poison fields. Try not to step in these.
    Dig open the hole and go down it. You will drop down several times. Note that once you get to the bottom it is impossible to rope back up. You will have to exit via the escape teleport if you are unable to complete the quest.

    Navigating the cave
    1. When you get to the bottom, you will usually see a bunch of spiders. However, it is rare, but possible for a Beholder or a fire devil to be lured here. Follow the path shown on the map.
    2. Go up the ladder to the next map layer. Then go to the west and up again. Do not go down the hole to the south.
    3. On the next layer you will follow a non-branching, serpentine path. There is no danger to be found here.
    4. Go up to the next elevation and follow the path. There will be a slime spawn to your right. Further to the north you will see a hole to the left. Do not fall into it, as there are Orc Warriors and Orc Berserkers down there. Keep going along the path and go up the last ladder at the end.
    This will take you to the item sacrifice room. You have to pass through the level 20 door to enter it.

    Off to the right there is a glowing blue portal which is to be used if, for some reason, your group is unable to complete the quest. For example, use it to exit if one of your members or one of the required sacrifice items is missing.

    The treasure room
    There are buttons on the floor that will be properly activated when a player of the correct vocation is standing on each and the correct item is placed on the altar behind each player. The correct pattern is as follows.
    Paladin stands on the north button.
    Druid stands on the west button.
    Sorcerer stands on the east button.
    Knight stands on the south button.

    If the button does not appear to be "pressed down" when you stand on it, make sure you have the correct item placed on the correct altar and step off the square and back onto it.

    Once all the buttons are pressed down, the paladin must pull the lever next to his square. This will teleport all four players to the treasure room. There are two chests to be opened:
    • One gives you 100 platinum coins.
    • The other gives you a green bag containing:
    1. A protection amulet,
    2. A magic light wand,
    3. A ring of healing, and
    4. An ankh.

    You will need 43.5 free capacity to carry this prize
    Desert Quest Prize Room.
    To leave, go north up the stairs and you will appear back on the sands of the Jakundaf Desert.

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