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Fire Axe Quest

  • Aswell known as: Edron Dragon Lair Quest
  • Reward: Fire Axe
  • Location: Edron Dragon Lair
  • Level required: 60
  • Level recommended: 70 (2-4 Players)

  • Required equipment
    • Rope
    • Pick
    • Destroy Field runes pickhole.
    • Head to Edron Dragon cave.
    • Enter it and prepare to face dragons.
    • Head North, down a hole, a small bit to the north, and then rope yourself up, continue another bit north and to another hole.
    • Head down and be prepared to face a Dragon Lord.
    • Continue another floor and walk through the level 60 gate of expertise.
    • Down the hole you will find three Dragon Lords.
    • The quest boxes holding 3 of the rewards are located in the south-west part of the room.
    • In order to get the last reward (the Fire Axe), you must pick open a hole that is hidden by Fire Fields. You are going to need to use Destroy Field runes.
    • The Fire Axe is obtained by opening the skeleton remains down there.

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