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The Djinn War - Efreet Faction

  • Aswell known as: Green Djinn Quest
  • Reward: 600 gp and the permission to trade with Yaman & Alesar .
  • Location: Green Djinn Fortress (Mal'ouquah)
  • Level required: 40
  • Level recommended: 60 (4-6 Players)

  • Introduction
    • There are two warring Djinn factions, the Blue Djinns (Marids) the Green Djinns (Efreets). As part of their war, they are interested in buying and selling strong equipment for good prices, but they will only deal with people that they trust. You must prove your allegance to only one Djinn faction (they buy/sell different items). Once the Djinns trust you, they will buy/sell equipment with you.
    • This quest requires you to talk with many different NPCs. Do NOT answer too fast and always let them finish their sentences! Do NOT run away if they still have something to say to you! If you do not follow those hints you might not be able to finish the quest as it might bug!
    Method (Green Djinns)
    • Wandering the streets in Ankrahmun is a man named Melchior. Talk to him, and he can tell you about his time with the Djinns. Ask him about the "Word of Greeting", and he will tell you that Djinns always greet eachother with the word "DJANNI'HAH". You can now enter the Djinn Fortress.
    • Go to the Green Djinn fortress. First, go up the ramp west of the oasis. Here:
    •  Follow the path to the west.
    • In the Green Djinn fortress, talk to Ubaid. Say the word of greeting "DJANNI'HAH" instead of "hi". When he asks what you are doing there, ask for "passage". When he tells you to leave, say "no" and he will ask if you want to join their fight. Say "yes" and he will tell you to talk to Baa'leal for a mission.
    • When you ask Baa'leal for a "mission", he will tell you to find the supply thief in Carlin.
    • Go to Carlin, and talk to the sheriff Shauna. Ask her about the Water Pipe that is in one of the cells. She will tell you a nice story and send you to Thais. You can find Shauna here:
    • Ask her about the Water Pipe that is in one of the cells. She will tell you a nice story and send you to Thais.
    • Go to the prison in Thais (downstairs here), and find the NPC locked in a cell underground.
    • When you find the prisoner, talk to him about "Ankrahmun", and ask him about the "supplies". Remember the prisoner's name, you will need to know it later.
    • Return to Baa'leal in the Green Djinn fortress and tell him you have completed the "mission", then tell him the prisoner's name. He will give you 600 gp and tell you to speak with Alesar about another mission.
    • Talk to Alesar and ask for a "mission". He will tell you that he wants the gemstone called the Tear of Daraman, and that the Blue Djinns have one. Of course, he wants you to steal it and bring it back to him.
    • Go to the secret entrance to the Blue Djinn fortress. Take the ramp between Ankrahmun and Darashia (here). Instead of going north towards Darashia, follow the passage west, and take the hidden ramp to the south:
    • Once down the ramp, you will face one or more Stone Golems. Continue south to the secret entrance to the Blue Djinn Fortress.
    • Continue going up the stairs to the 4th floor, with fountains in it. On your way up, you will face an increasing number of Blue Djinns, Marids, and even some Fire Elementals, and Scarabs. Bring a couple Dwarven Rings, and some good shooters and blockers to help you.
    • When you find the fountain, "use" it to get the Tear of Daraman.
    • Make your way back to Alesar and tell him you have completed the mission and give him the Tear of Daraman. He will then tell you to speak with Malor for another mission.
    • Go upstairs and talk to Malor and ask for a "mission" and he will tell you to retrieve a lamp from the Orc King in Ulderek's Rock.
    • Go to Ulderek's Rock (the Orc Fortress), and speak with the king (when you say "hi" he will spawn a lot of different kinds of Orcs, so be ready). Ask him for the "lamp", and tell him it is for "Malor".
    • When you get the lamp, you will need to sneak into the Blue Djinn fortress, and place it in Gabel's personal bedchamber. Go to the secret entrance to the Blue Djinn fortress, and take the stairs all the way to the top. You will have to face MANY Blue Djinns, Marids, Scarabs and Fire Elementals. Bring plenty of Dwarven Rings, and a good team to help you.
    • When you find Gabel's bedchamber, "use" the lamp next to his bed.
    • Return to Malor in the Green Djinn fortress and tell him that you have completed the "mission". You will now be able to buy and sell good equipment with the Green Djinns.



    player: hi

    Melchior: Greetings, player. I do not see your face, but I can read a thousand things in your voice!

    player: job

    Melchior: I am a poor beggar. I try to make a meagre living here since a cruel fate has left me a blind man.

    player: blind

    Melchior: Yes, I am. I was not born that way, but a cruel fate caused me to lose my eyesight.

    player: cruel fate

    Melchior: Fate played a cruel trick on old Melchior. If you want me to, I can tell you my story - talking about one's grievances does help to ease the pain. So - would you like to hear my story?

    player: yes

    Melchior: While my eyes were still of use to me I worked as a trader. I was not too successful, so I started looking for alternatives. Remembering some old nomad legends I went to explore the Kha'zeel. If only I'd never done that! ...

    Melchior: After many days I met a weird creature - it was humanoid, but it was also much larger than any man, and it seemed to be only half-solid in a way. ...

    Melchior: I was scared, but I remembered my grandfather's stories and I hailed the creature using the traditional djinn word of greeting. ...

    Melchior: It worked. I managed to engage the djinn - for it was one sure enough - in a conversation. In fact, I even managed to come to an agreement with it. The djinns living there needed supplies, and I promised I would bring them some. ...

    Melchior: A highly profitable business relationship ensued. Unfortunately, my greed grew every day, and it clouded my sense of judgement. ...

    Melchior: Hearing that there was a second djinn fortress I travelled there. Those djinn, who called themselves the Marid, were friendly enough, and soon I traded with them as well. ...

    Melchior: Unfortunately, it did not take the other djinn tribe, the Efreet, long to find out what I was up to. ...

    Melchior: The Efreets' punishment was cruel: They blinded me and left me in the Kha'labal to die of thirst and exhaustion as food for the scarabs. But that was a favour I could not do them. ...

    Melchior: I desperately struggled on and finally I was picked up by a caravan. They took me here, and now I am sort of stuck here in this city of the half-dead.

    player: djinn

    Melchior: The djinns are a wondrous race. Swift and strong they are and larger, much larger than any man. ...

    Melchior: And yet, djinns fit into tiny lamps, for they are but half solid creatures who can change into mist whenever they want to! It is as though they lived between the worlds, travelling hither and thither as they please. ...

    Melchior: Little is known about their origin, but legend has it Zathroth himself, the dark master of magic, created them to some unknown evil purpose. ...

    Melchior: But they are not evil, and perhaps that is why Zathroth eventually abandoned them! Djinns have independent minds and souls just like humans, and just like us they are forlorn creatures struggling to find their place in creation. ...

    Melchior: They have fought a bitter, bitter war between themselves over this, a cataclysmic war that led them to the brink of self-destruction. ...

    Melchior: Today they are few and far between, but they are still divided into two warring fractions, the gentle Marid and the cruel Efreet, and neither side will rest until the other is utterly defeated. ...

    Melchior: If you ever meet a djinn make sure to say the word of greeting immediately. Otherwise he will simply ignore you or worse - if it is an Efreet he will kill you outright. ...

    Melchior: And remember, once you decided to follow one group of djinns you can never switch sides, so choose well. No Efreet will ever deal with a follower of the Marid and vice versa.

    player: efreet

    Melchior: Beware the Efreet, stranger! They hate all humans, and if they had their way all of us would be killed. If you meet one be sure to say the word of greeting immediately because otherwise you will be killed in a heartbeat. ...

    Melchior: And do not approach them if you are a follower of the Marid - they are impossible to fool!

    player: marid

    Melchior: The Marid are gentle, kind-hearted djinn, or at least that is how they act towards humans. However, they are quite reclusive, too. They will not talk to human unless he says the word of greeting first. ...

    Melchior: And do not approach them if you are a follower of the Efreet - they are impossible to fool!

    player: word of greeting

    Melchior: The djinns have an ancient code of honour. This code includes a special concept of hospitality. Anybody who utters the word of greeting must not be attacked even if he is an enemy. Well, at least that is what the code says. ...

    Melchior: I have found out, though, that this does not work at all times. There is no point to say the word of greeting to an enraged djinn. ...

    Melchior: I can tell you the word of greeting if you're interested. It is DJANNI'HAH. Remember this word well, stranger. It might save your life one day. ...

    Melchior: And keep in mind that you must choose sides in this conflict. You can only follow the Efreet or the Marid - once you have made your choice there is no way back. I know from experience that djinn do not tolerate double-crossing.

    player: kha'zeel

    Melchior: That is the name of the huge mountain range to the west of the great desert, the Kha'labal. That's where you will find the djinns' fortresses Ashta'daramai and Mal'ouquah. ...

    player: ashta'daramai

    Melchior: Aah yes - the Marids' fortress. Perched high on the Kha'zeel, it is a marvel to behold. They say Gabel built it on the ruins of his original palace.

    player: mal'ouquah

    Melchior: That is the Efreet's gloomy fortress, home of Malor, hidden high up in the Kha'zeel mountains. I used to go there often. Don't make the same mistake, stranger! I would love to think there is somebody who profited from the lesson I had to learn!

    player: gabel

    Melchior: He is the leader of the Marid! I have never met him myself, but everybody was full of praise for him back at Ashta'daramai. The legend has it that it was him who introduced the djinns to wise Daraman's teachings.

    player: malor

    Melchior: Malor is the Efreets' leader. He is perhaps not the strongest of all efreet, but his treachery and cruelty are certainly unrivalled. He was defeated a long, long time ago, but he was not killed. ...

    Melchior: I don't know why... I have a strange feeling of foreboding whenever I hear his name.

    player: daraman

    Melchior: Daraman was a holy man, a true prophet. He showed us how we can master grief and affliction through dignity and brotherliness. It is a shame I only came to fully appreciate his teachings when fate had cast me into darkness.

    player: ankrahmun

    Melchior: I hate this city. Period. I would never have come here, but I haven't had much of a choice. The caravan that picked me up in the Kha'zeel was headed for this place, and I was glad enough they brought me here. ...

    Melchior: But now I really wish I could leave. <whispers> These people and their ruler give me the creeps!

    player: ruler

    Melchior: The pharaoh? He is always in the palace, so I have heard only rumors about him. But I know one thing for sure - he is mad. End of story.

    player: palace

    Melchior: The palace lies to the south of the arena and to the west of the temple. Better stay clear of that place. If but half the things I have heard about it are true this palace is not a place for the living anymore.

    player: darashia

    Melchior: <Sighs> Aah yes... Darashia. I would give anything if I could see it again.

    player: bye

    Melchior: Farewell, stranger. May Uman the Wise guide your steps in this treacherous land.


    player: DJANNI'HAH

    Ubaid: What? You know the word, player? All right then - I won't kill you. At least, not now.

    player: passage

    Ubaid: Only the mighty Efreet, the true djinn of Tibia, may enter Mal'ouquah! ...

    Ubaid: All Marids and little worms like yourself should leave now or something bad may happen. Am I right?

    player: no

    Ubaid: Of cour... Huh!? No!? I can't believe it! ...

    Ubaid: You... you got some nerves... Hmm. ...

    Ubaid: Maybe we have some use for someone like you. Would you be interested in working for us. Helping to fight the Marid?

    player: yes

    Ubaid: So you pledge loyalty to king Malor and you are willing to never ever set foot on Marids' territory, unless you want to kill them? Yes?

    player: yes

    Ubaid: Well then - welcome to Mal'ouquah. ...

    Ubaid: Go now to general Baa'leal and don't forget to greet him correctly! ...

    Ubaid: And don't touch anything!

    Baa'leal (Get Mission)

    player: DJANNI'HAH

    Baa'leal: You know the code human! Very well then... What do you want, player?
    player: mission

    Baa'leal: Each mission and operation is a crucial step towards our victory! ...

    Baa'leal: Now that we speak of it ...

    Baa'leal: Since you are no djinn, there is something you could help us with. Are you interested, human?

    player: yes

    Baa'leal: Well ... All right. You may only be a human, but you do seem to have the right spirit. ...

    Baa'leal: Listen! Since our base of operations is set in this isolated spot we depend on supplies from outside. These supplies are crucial for us to win the war. ...

    Baa'leal: Unfortunately, it has happened that some of our supplies have disappeared on their way to this fortress. At first we thought it was the Marid, but intelligence reports suggest a different explanation. ...

    Baa'leal: We now believe that a human was behind the theft! ...

    Baa'leal: His identity is still unknown but we have been told that the thief fled to the human settlement called Carlin. I want you to find him and report back to me. Nobody messes with the Efreet and lives to tell the tale! ...

    Baa'leal: Now go! Travel to the northern city Carlin! Keep your eyes open and look around for something that might give you a clue!

    player: bye

    Baa'leal: Stand down, soldier!


    player: hi

    Shauna: Howdy!

    player: job

    Shauna: What do you think? I am the sheriff of Carlin.

    player: water pipe

    Shauna: Oh, there's a waterpipe in one of my cells? ...

    Shauna: I guess my last prisoner forgot it there.

    player: prisoner

    Shauna: My last prisoner? Hmm. ...

    Shauna: I think he was some guy from Darama. Can't remember his name. ...

    Shauna: He was here just for one night, because he got drunk and annoyed our citizens. ...

    Shauna: Obviously he wasn't pleased with this place, because he headed for Thais the next day. ...

    Shauna: Something tells me that he won't stay out of trouble for too long.

    player: bye


    Partos (The Prisoner)

    player: hi

    Partos: Welcome to my little kingdom, player.

    player: prison

    Partos: You mean that's a JAIL? They told me it's the finest hotel in town! THAT explains the lousy roomservice!

    player: ankrahmun

    Partos: Yes, I've lived in Ankrahmun for quite some time. Ahh, good old times! ...

    Partos: Unfortunately I had to relocate. <sigh> ...

    Partos: Business reasons - you know.

    player: supplies

    Partos: What!? I bet, Baa'leal sent you! ...

    Partos: I won't tell you anything! Shove off!

    player: bye

    Partos: Good bye, visit me again. I will be here, promised.

    Baa'leal (Report on Thief)

    player: DJANNI'HAH

    Baa'leal: You are still alive, player? Well, what do you want?
    player: mission

    Baa'leal: Did you find the thief of our supplies?

    player: yes

    Baa'leal: Finally! What is his name then?

    player: partos

    Baa'leal: You found the thief! Excellent work, soldier! You are doing well - for a human, that is. Here - take this as a reward. ...

    Baa'leal: Since you have proven to be a capable soldier, we have another mission for you. ...

    Baa'leal: If you are interested go to Alesar and ask him about it.

    player: hail malor

    Baa'leal: Hail to our great leader!

    player: bye

    Baa'leal: Stand down, soldier!


    player: DJANNI'HAH

    Alesar: What do you want from me, player?
    player: mission

    Alesar: So Baa'leal thinks you are up to do a mission for us? ...

    Alesar: I think he is geting old, entrusting human scum such as you are with an important mission like that. ...

    Alesar: Personally, I don't understand why you haven't been slaughtered right at the gates. ...

    Alesar: Anyway. Are you prepared to embark on a dangerous mission for us?

    player: yes

    Alesar: All right then, human. Have you ever heard of the 'Tears of Daraman'? ...

    Alesar: They are precious gemstones made of some unknown blue mineral and possess enormous magical power. ...

    Alesar: If you want to learn more about these gemstones don't forget to visit our library. ...

    Alesar: Anyway, one of them is enough to create thousands of our mighty djinn blades. ...

    Alesar: Unfortunately my last gemstone broke and therefore I'm not able to create new blades anymore. ...
    Alesar: To my knowledge there is only one place where you can find these gemstones - I know for a fact that the Marid have at least one of them. ...

    Alesar: Well... to cut a long story short, your mission is to sneak into Ashta'daramai and to steal it. ...

    Alesar: Needless to say, the Marid won't be too eager to part with it. Try not to get killed until you have delivered the stone to me.

    player: bye

    Alesar: Finally.

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