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Orc Fortress Quest

  • Reward: Knight Axe , Knight Armor , Fire Sword
  • Location: Orc Fortress, north of venore.
  • Level required: 40
  • Level recommended: 50 (4-8 Players)

  • Required equipment
    • None
    • Head to the Orc Fortress and enter the hole.
    • Head east and be prepared to face all kinds of Orcs. (The safest route its marked with a blue line)
    • Down the stairs you will face several Orc Leaders, Orc Warlords, a Dragon and probably some Orc Shamans and Stone Golems coming from a room west of the staircase.
    • Head east after everything is killed.
    • In this room you will find several Orc Berserkers, Orc Warlords, Slimes, Orc Leaders and Orc Riders.
    • The quest boxes are located in the north end of this room.
    • Note: You will meet the Slime-shaped NPC The Orc King here. Do not say 'hi' to him, if you do he will summon a lot of Orcs of all types including Berserks, Leaders and Warlords.

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