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Merciless and lethal, the Assassin stands for treacherous surprise attacks. Although there are a lot of thugs, bandits and murderers that roam the realm, the assassin is one of the few who made a real profession out of murder. Usually organised in small organisations, Assassins are trained in the arts of fighting dirty tricks, backstabbing and stalking. Although they are formidable fighters, those hirable murderers prefer sneak attacks on unsuspecting victims which they attack with all kinds of dirty tricks to gain an advantage. Depending on their current mission, the Assassins work alone or in small hit squads. They are rarely encountered in greater numbers except by those that are unfortunate enough to stumble on their hideouts.

Assassins have 175 hitpoints. They are weak against death and physical damage. It takes 450 mana to convince these creatures but they cannot be summoned. In addition, they are able to sense invisible creatures.

Assassins yield 105 experience points. They carry gold coins, knives, torches and sometimes other items with them.

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