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Once an ordinary beast that was at worst victim of occasional hunts, the rise of heroes in the land signified doom for the Boar species. Hunted almost to extinction, Boars have become a rare sight indeed. As heroes moved on to more powerful foes, the Boars slowly recovered. Only the most resilient specimens had survived the massive hunting and so the new generations of Boars that slowly arose proved to be tougher, meaner and by far more dangerous their ancestors. These Boars are more than capable to defend themselves and now, they are not only retaking their former habitats.
Usually found in the deep woods far away from civilisation, their boldness and insatiable hunger drives them more and more to human settlements which mean easy food for them. Their foraging often leaves fields and farms devastated, however, an ordinary farmer knows better than to try fighting the fearsome beasts that usually form small flocks and are rarely encountered alone. So it is once more up to the heroes to strike the Boars down. But this time they are facing much tougher opponents on a more equal ground.

Boars have 198 hitpoints. It takes 465 mana to summon or convince these creatures.

Boars yield 60 experience points. They carry gold coins and haunches of boar with them.

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23 Feb 2024

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