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The desert-creeping Cobra has become a symbol of assassination and venom throughout the world. Contrary to the slithery green snakes which dwell the swamps and in general prefer a moist surrounding, Cobras have well adapted to the dry and hostile environment of the desert. The silent killers usually prey on smaller animals and even insects, digging their bodies into a sandy dune until they are almost not visible anymore to the unaware eye. As soon as a potential victim passes by, the Cobra will perform a fast and surprising strike, injecting its highly dangerous poison into the prey. Usually only chasing for nurture, Cobras can be easily provoked or irritated and might consider any encounter a threat, fearlessly attacking everything regardless of its size. Although the tales of the fatality of its poison and its toughness are wildly exaggerated, they still pose a significant threat to all unaware wanderers and explorers.

Cobras have 65 hitpoints. They are immune to earth damage. On the other hand, they are weak against fire damage. It takes 275 mana to summon these creatures but they cannot be convinced.

Cobras yield 30 experience points. They rarely carry items with them.

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