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Emerald Damselflies

The Damselfly is a giant version of the commonly known insect, so similar to the original that one must assume the animal has been magically enhanced in some way. On the other hand, it is certain that the Damselfly reproduces and has offspring of its own size. This leaves open the question whether its current state is the result of a deliberate manipulation, or whether some Damselflies accidentally came into contact with some kind of magic source, causing their giant growth. The latter theory sparked a search for this assumed source and an interest in Damselflies and their habits. So far, nothing conclusive has been announced by researchers. Meanwhile, the Damselfly has spread from the place of its first appearance in the Venorean swamps, and is frequently found in areas where its smaller cousin lives. Their diet consists of plant matter and smaller insects. Oddly enough, Damselflies are mildly aggressive when encountering larger species such as humans, which is atypical of their small variant. It is unknown what might cause this. However, the Damselfly poses a threat only to the wounded or completely unprepared wanderer. The creature can usually be found in areas with an abundance of insects they hunt and feed on. The Damselfly builds small cocoon-like structures made out of plant matter and saliva, in which they lay their eggs, on the shores of bodies of standing water. The Damselfly young hatch as worm-like creatures that spend the first stage of their lives in the water, preying on fish, frogs, insects and other, smaller Damselfly larvae. After some time, the worm crawls out of the water onto a nearby tree where his husk solidifies, and after a few days, a mature Damselfly breaks free from the crumbling remains.

Emerald Damselflies have 90 hitpoints. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced.

Emerald Damselflies yield 35 experience points. They carry damselfly eyes, damselfly wings, gold coins and sometimes other items with them.

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