Character Information
Name: Fyodor
Sex: Male
Vocation: Royal Paladin
Level: 121
Residence: Edron
Last login: 11 Jul 2024, 22:46
Comment: I have only in my life carried to an extreme what you have not dared to carry halfway, and what\'s more, you have taken your cowardice for good sense, and have found comfort in deceiving yourselves.
Created: 20 May 2024, 00:29
Character Deaths
10 Jun 2024, 22:59 Died at Level 102 by Demon
6 Jun 2024, 02:42 Died at Level 91 by Giant Spider and by Old Widow.
22 May 2024, 01:03 Killed at Level 39 by Vastolord Kael (unjustified) and by Sorren.
20 May 2024, 18:18 Died at Level 29 by Minotaur Mage
Name Status Level Vocation
1. Elon129Elite Knight
2. Fyodor (currently viewing)121Royal Paladin

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